An open letter to my mum - for capturing my childhood!

Dear Mum,

Growing up I never knew any different but as an adult I’ve come to realise I’m really lucky. You captured so much of my childhood and every time I look through our photo albums I’m reminded of all the hilarious little stories that made it so much fun.

I always thought having heaps of photos was the norm, but when I went hunting for photos of you as a little girl I was devastated that I could only find two! It breaks my heart that you dont have a gorgeous collection like I do! And as we get older I wish more and more that we could sit down and look at your photo albums together, to hear the stories they would have kept alive about your childhood. and the relationship you had with Nan and Pop and everyone else, I bet you kept everyone on their toes!

I know it was expensive to buy film and get it developed when I was little but I want you to know how much it means to me that you made photographing my childhood a priority

You didn’t miss a thing!

Thank you for capturing my childhood in action,
The camping trips and back yard shenanigans
Thank you for capturing the smiles and the tantrums,
The everyday moments and the polished family portraits
Thank you for capturing my connection with family, friends and pets
My odd little quirks and all of my creative passions.
Thank you for capturing the fun I had with Dad
But most of all,
Thank you for making sure you were in my childhood memories too!

I will cherish them always!

All my love,
Britt. Xx

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