How often do you back up your mobile phone?

Do you ever worry about loosing all your babies photos?

Hey gorgeous Mumma,

Today I wanted to share with you why I love Google Photos for backing up my mobile phone photos and to show you just how crazy simple it is to set up, because


Which for most of us is the camera on our phones, even as a professional photographer I still take a gazillion photos on my mobile because I almost always have it with me. So if your like me, I’m guessing you have some pretty special photos on your phone and if you were to loose them all, I imagine you would be pretty devastated. I know I would be.

But how often do you actually remember to manually back them up? Its one of those things that I used to have on my to-do list for months before I would do it, but can you imagine loosing even a couple of months worth of your little ones photos? Even loosing just a small chunk of your bubs first year would be heart breaking.

After I lost a bunch of irreplaceable happy snaps of a holiday with my nieces I looked into auto back up options. I started with Dropbox, which was awesome but I filled up the free allocation pretty quickly. Then I found Google Photos & I haven’t looked back!

Google Photos gives you the ability to auto back up UNLIMITED photos for FREE! It’s seriously life changing!
They have 2 options:
FREE: Allows you to back up unlimited photos up to 16MP and video up to 1080P so its pretty high quality.
PAID: Allows you to upload in the original file size, so if you want to auto back up RAW photos or 4K video you will want the paid version.

For my mobile photos the free version is absolutely perfect! It’s pretty amazing to know everything is stored safely so I don’t have to stress if I ever lost or damaged my phone.

A couple of other reasons I love Google photos:
I have mobile data & roaming turned off so it only backs up when I’m on WIFI
It auto resizes anything that’s larger so it still backs everything up - then if there is something I want bigger than the free version allows I can choose to pay to back it up in a higher resolution if I want to.
I can access my mobile photos from any device, I just have to log in to my google account.
I can share photos with family & friends without posting them on social media.
It has face recognition software built in so its often easier to find photos then looking on my phone.

It’s so simple to set up you wont even need instructions but I’ve included screen shots below any way!

If your expecting, don’t forget to set this up before your little one arrives! Those happy snaps from the first few days with your new babe are precious! Plus it will only take a few minutes, seriously, go do it now :D

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Big love,


P.S. I’d love you to share this with all your friends especially those who are expecting & have kids so they can make sure all their memories are stored safely too!