Exist in photos for your baby

Starting now… while your still pregnant!

As an adult I tend to take photos for myself, of all the beautiful people (big and small) who make my life as vibrant as it is. These photos create a really strong anchor back to my memories and when I look at them I get to relive them all over again. Its pretty awesome! Especially when you think about how easy it is for us to capture a memory these days, gone are the days where every shot had to be perfect so not to waste the expensive film. Now we can take as many as we want and keep the best ones!

But too often I find mum’s take photos of their baby with everyone but them, and I cant help but feel sad for those little darling because one day, photos are all they are going to have left of you.

So why not give that incredible gift to your baby? Wouldn’t it be lovely if in all those photos you take of your baby that you leave them as an adult with lots of memories, laughing, cuddling and loving life with you? Why not start now and capture a couple of nice photos of you with you baby bump.

Don’t wait till you look perfect in your own eyes, Trust me mumma, your little one wont care if your not wearing make up, if your hair is a mess or that your not as skinny as you used to be… they look at you and see love. PURE LOVE!

I do understand though that there’s only so many selfies you can take and sometimes simply asking your partner to snap some photos can leave you with a camera roll full of super unflattering photos that you desperately want to delete. So I created a series of short videos to show you my best tips and tricks so you can exist in photos for your baby!

Right now, you are their whole world! You are perfectly imperfect. Capture their memories for them!

Each video is less then xxx minutes long