These documentary style sessions are a wonderful way to capture and celebrate your families love.

It’s a little bit different to the traditional posed newborn photography I do in my studio, in lifestyle sessions I come to you at home and hang out with your family for about 2 hours to photograph the day as it naturally unfolds. This could include giving bubs a bath, feeding, swaddling, snuggling on the couch or bed, reading a book, relaxing in the nursery, capturing the family playing together or any other moments through out your day.

They are my absolute favorite shoots to do with toddlers as they get to know their new sibling, because they focus on the beautiful connection between family members. This means they dont need to sit in an exact spot, holding bubs in a certain way while looking at the camera and then smile too! All of that can be a bit overwhelming for little ones especially when they are still learning to share their parents attention. I love to let toddlers lead the way and simply encourage them to interact with the new baby as this often makes for the most gorgeous photographs.

Lifestyle newborn sessions perfectly document your family in the most authentic way. So every time you look at your photos, you are right back there experiencing all those fleeting moments, the cheeky grins, sloppy kisses and that sweet look from your milk drunk bub.

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This is totally up to you, If you are wanting lots of super sleepy snugly photos then its best to book your shoot for during the first 14 days while your bub still naturally curls up and sleeps lots.  however if you would like them to be more awake and looking at and interacting with you then you may want to wait a little bit longer.

It is best to pre-book during your pregnancy so you don't miss out especially if you want to do your shoot in the first few weeks . These reserved sessions are limited to ensure I have enough time in case babies arrive early or late.

When you pre-book, your due date will placed in my diary and then I will wait to hear from you. Once bub has arrived please contact me(a text message is perfect) and we will organise a suitable time and date for your session. It's best if you contact me as early as possible as this will give us more options for dates.

Didn't pre-book? Call or text 0400898600 and we can see what's available.


The main focus of lifestyle newborn sessions is to capture the connection between all family members so the shoot needs to be organised for a time when everyone is home with at least a few hours of daylight left

It's so special to have photos of the kids together and lifestyle sessions are an amazing way to capture that bond. They are also wonderful when siblings are not able to safely hold the new baby because we can photograph them looking at, kissing and helping you with bubs

For me, pets have always been considered family, so I encourage you to include your pets into your session if you you feel the same.

Most of the family photos will be looking at each other however if you would like some more posed photos with everyone looking at the camera that can be planned too!


Lifestyle newborn sessions are about 2 hours long and can be scheduled for the hours of the day that suit your family best or to fit around your schedule so that we can capture your favorite parts of the day and your bub can be either asleep or wide awake (unlike studio newborn sessions where we need bub asleep)
Some families choose to book their shoot to include feeds & baths etc while others choose to avoid these times. If your not sure please feel free to call me on 0400898600 to have a chat


It is best for everyone to wear something they normally would so that it looks natural.
Chose colours and tones that compliment each other without being too matchy matchy so that it looks gorgeous but real. Personally I adore lighter, neutral colours as I find they help to keep the photos nice and bright and look gorgeous with skin tones. Eg. choose chinos instead of jeans
Avoid anything with big logo's, prints and strong/bold patterns (such as checks).
If your not sure I can help you choose, just pick out a few options for each family member and we can decide together.
For hair and makeup, its best to keep it soft and natural

There is absolutely no need for your home to be spotless. Because these sessions are a documentary style and the photos are focusing on the connection between family, mess can often be blocked by family members, cropped out or blurred in the back ground. If you are really worried just let me know and we can work out a plan that doesn’t require you much effort.


Lifestyle sessions use your home and furniture as a backdrop with bubs photographed in their natural settings, in poses that the baby moves into unaided. The only props used are those that are on hand. If you have any special blankets, hats or sentimental items these can be included too.


I have completed many in person and online workshops/courses to learn how to work with newborns safely and while I am fully immunized, working with babies who haven't been means it is incredibly important that I don't pass on any illnesses to yours or anyone else's bub so if you suspect one of your family members is unwell please let me know as soon as possible so we can make another time. If I do get sick, I will postpone all scheduled sessions until I am well again. Please note there is no charge to reschedule due to illness or injury if you give 24 hours notice. However if you reschedule within 24 hours or once a session has begun there will be a $100 charge to re-book.

Your cooperation is much appreciated. 


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