Posed studio newborn photography requires someone who is really skilled in working with brand new babies and who has a ton of patience. For this reason I have attended an incredible in person workshop with Renown QLD photographer Kelly Brown as well as numerous online courses to learn how to pose babies safely and I am also fully immunized against whooping cough so you can relax during your shoot knowing your baby is in safe hands.

Some photos require what is called a composite image. This is when your photographer takes multiple photos and then puts them together in Photoshop. I do this for some of my props such as my dream catcher, where bubs is photographed with the dream catcher safely on the ground and then edited to look like its swinging off the ground. Below is a video of me creating the dream catcher image with little Harvey

You can also use this technique for some poses where a baby cant hold the pose safely on their own such as the froggy pose. Attempting these poses in a single shot is dangerous, and an experienced photographer would not take the risk. For these poses a parent or an assistant holds the baby safely and then multiple images are merged together in Photoshop. While I can safely take these photos I only do on request. I believe babies are so beautiful already and we can create gorgeous photos of your little one while posed safely and comfortably.

Big love,

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