Please check back with this guide the night before your session so you don't forget to bring anything


24 Edward St, Upper Ferntree Gully.

With the hospital at the end of the street we have timed 2 hour parking on the street. 
Please park in the drive way, you are very welcome to use the carport or any other empty car spaces. 

Please come to the side door, through the car port (as the front steps can get a bit slippery)


Please dont book any appointments for after your session, this way if bubs is taking longer to feed/sleep we can continue without anyone getting stressed, babies are super clever and can sense our stress and then won't settle at all. 
If you have to book a maternal health nurse/doctors appt for the afternoon please let me know, if we can, it will be much better to change the date of your shoot etc


Please take your time to give bubs a full feed at the studio, often parents worry they are taking too long to feed and only give half a normal feed however this means we often dont get bub into a full deep sleep or that they wont sleep as long. The deeper the sleep we can get bubs into the better. 

Tip: If you are feeding with breast milk, try not to eat foods that are spicy, likely to upset bubs tummy or drink coffee leading up to your shoot as these can effect bubs moods and sleep patterns. 



  • Avoid dressing your bub in clothes that pull over the head for the car trip over, that way if bub is still asleep when you arrive we can try to undress them without waking and get straight into taking photos (e.g. add an extra blanket instead of putting a singlet on).

  • Wear layers and dress for 28 degrees.

  • Avoid anything with big logo's, prints and strong/bold patterns (like checks).

  • Bring along a couple of options for each family member, if your not sure bring extras and I can help you choose). Choose light colours and tones that are similar without being the same (e.g. everyone in soft creams, beiges and pastel blues.) Soft neutral colours are best to keep your bub as the main focus.

    Mums: Keep your hair and makeup soft and natural, as if you were going to be a guest at a wedding is perfect.



  • Please bring water, snacks, and lunch for everyone, including yourself!

  • Treats to use as bribery for siblings can work wonders. Try to bring treats that won't make as much mess on little one's faces, grapes over strawberries, jube lollies over chocolate, etc. This way we don't have to add annoying face cleaning to the mix if your little one already isn't keen to be in photos. 

  • Formula/expressed milk/bottles if bottle feeding. The room is warm to help bubs sleep but this also means they will need more hydration and feed more than usual, so bring more then you expect to need. I have a bottle warmer here too.

  • Extra nappies, wipes etc.

  • A dummy, if you are using one.

  • Any special blankets, hats or sentimental items.

  • A change of clothes for everyone, just in case any little accidents occur during family photos.
    (I've had two dads drive home without pants on due to explosions :P)



As I prefer to photograph bubs in their own skin, please don't panic or feel embarrassed if your bub decides to use the blankets (or me :P) as a nappy. It is totally natural and expected. I wash all of my blankets etc between each session. 


Sessions may be rescheduled due to illness or injury. Please contact me as soon as possible before your session on 0400898600 if you suspect one of your family members is unwell and we can make another time. 
While I am fully immunized, working with babies who haven't been means it is incredibly important that I don't pass on any illnesses to yours or anyone else's bub, your cooperation is much appreciated. 
If I do get sick, I will postpone all scheduled sessions until I am well again. 
(I'm a bit of a herbal supplement junkie so it doesn't happen often)
There is no charge to reschedule due to illness or injury if you give 24 hours notice, however, if you reschedule within 24 hours or once a session has begun there will be a $100 charge to re-book.


Brittany Chard Photography reserves the right to use any photograph in any form such as but not limited to: the use in marketing, advertising, and reproduction. All images are copyrighted by Brittany Chard Photography, even those you purchase. If you purchase a package which includes High-resolution files you are welcome to print these, however copying, scanning, reproducing or screen printing images you have not purchased high-resolution files for is strictly prohibited. 

Due to the nature of photographic services and products, refunds will be issued for medical reasons only. Non medical cancellations may be transferred to another session time at the discretion of Brittany Chard Photography. Prices are subject to change without notice and are non-negotiable. Images will be deleted if not purchased after 90 days.

By hiring Brittany Chard Photography you are agreeing to these terms.