The first few weeks of your new babies life are some of the sweetest and blurriest! Remember this special time by looking back at your gorgeous newborn photography. Studio sessions are available in my natural light studio in Upper Ferntree Gully and are best with babies under14 days old, when they are beautifully sleepy and love being curled up.

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The best time to photograph your little one is during the first 14 days while your bub still naturally curls up.  Of course, I understand sometimes it's just not possible to have your shoot this early. If this is the case, please don't worry, I can still photograph your new addition, I just can't promise any particular poses. Between 6 and 10 days is the best time!

If you are planning on breast feeding keep in mind some Mumma's milk supply doesn't fully come in until day 5 so I find it's better to wait the extra couple of days so your bub is getting a nice full belly at each feed

It is best to pre-book during your pregnancy so you don't miss out. These reserved sessions are limited to ensure I have enough time in case babies arrive early or late.

When you pre-book, your due date will placed in my diary and then I will wait to hear from you. Once bub has arrived please contact me(a text message is perfect) and we will organise a suitable time and date for your session. It's best if you contact me as early as possible as this will give us more options for dates.

Didn't pre-book? Call or text 0400898600 and we can see what's available.

Your babies safety is my highest priority! For this reason I have completed many in person and online workshops/courses to learn how to safely pose newborns. If necessary I will use create a composite for the final image by merging multiple photos in Photoshop so that no risks are taken. An example of this is my dream catcher images, where the bub is photographed with the prop safely on the ground and then edited to look like its swinging off the ground. Check out a video of this photo being created here.

It's pretty special to have photos of the kids together, this is offered with all my newborn sessions. 
I'll work patiently with all your kids to get a gorgeous photo of them together.
I also use the composite technique above with young siblings where the baby is photographed in a prop on their own and then the siblings are photographed with the empty prop and merged together to create a beautiful image without any worry of bub getting hurt.

While you don't have to be photographed with your newborn, and I understand you may not be feeling your best, I have found that those images often become the most cherished, especially by your baby. So I encourage you to have your photo taken too and will make it as quick and easy as possible. Also remember, in this digital age if we take them and you choose not to include them in your order that's absolutely fine, I'd prefer you had the option then regret it later on!

Mums: Keep your hair and makeup soft and natural, as if you were going to be a guest at a wedding is perfect.

I allow three to four hours for each session. Please be aware that it may take some time, while four hours is generally not needed, babies can be very unpredictable with feeding and sleeping and it's important everyone is relaxed and no one feels rushed (please dont book your newborn session before any other appointments) because babies are clever little darlings and can sense if someone is stressed and then wont settle at all.

Please take your time to feed at the studio, the deeper the sleep we can get bubs into the better. It's OK if your bub is not cooperating or feeding quickly, we will just go with your babies flow, there is plenty of time.

Sessions may be rescheduled due to illness or injury. Please contact me as soon as possible before your session on 0400898600 if you suspect one of your family members is unwell and we can make another time. 

While I am fully immunized, working with babies who haven't been means it is incredibly important that I don't pass on any illnesses to yours or anyone else's bub, your cooperation is much appreciated. 
If I do get sick, I will postpone all scheduled sessions until I am well again. 

There is no charge to reschedule due to illness or injury if you give 24 hours notice, however, if you reschedule within 24 hours or once a session has begun there will be a $100 charge to re-book.


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